Manifestations Live – The Seance is an authentic re-imagining of a Victorian Era Spirit Seance. Our invited guests will form the Circle of Twelve at a lace covered table. 

Upon arriving guests are invited to view a collection of Victorian and ancient relics with spirit connections. 

The Seance is divided into two parts. First is the Light Seance where guests are instructed in the use of psychic tools and participate in tests and experiments. 

Once the Circle finds perfect balance the Dark Seance begins. In absolute total darkness we contact the spirits of Victorian souls both adult and children. Questions may be asked and answered. Visual apparitions are frequently materialized during this period of complete darkness. 

Manifestations Live – The Seance is a theatrical experience in which the guests actively participate. All must be ready and willing to engage with the spirits and the faint of heart are discouraged from attending. 

As this is theatre we make no claims as to the phenomenon witnessed. We do ask that you attend with an open mind to thoroughly appreciate this unique experience.

Dale Curwin portrays your medium, Mr. Allistar Crookes, a somewhat troubled Victorian gentleman who has been tasked with sharing his esoteric knowledge and ability to communicate with the other side. 

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